Ten Artist Invited Artist Exhibition(1983)
International Art Exhibition of Germany Hanover (1987)
Korea-China-Japa-Russia Invited Exhibition of 1988 Olympic Commemoration(1988)
International Invited Exhibition of Korea-China-Japan(1989)
Exchange Exhibition of Korea-Japan Contemporary Art(1990, Nagoya in Japan)
International Culture and Art Grand Exhibition(1991)
Invited Exhibition of Youn-Byun Art College(1993, Youn-Byun in China)
International Art Exhibition of Korea-China-Japan-Russia(1994)
Korea-Russia Joint Exhibition for Artist in medium standing(1994)
Korea-Battnam love sare Exhibition(1994)
Berlin Invited Exhibition of Korea Contemporary Artist(1995, Germany)
1995 World Art Festival Invited Exhibition(1995)
Invited Exhibition in New York of 32 Artists Oriental and Western Painting Korea(1996, New York in USA)
Invited Exhibition in Toronto of 32 Artists Oriental and Western Painting Korea(1996, Toronto in Canada)
1997 Invited Hyun-Dai Art Exhibition towards the World(1997)
Invitation to Roman Joint Exhibition of Korea and Italian Artists for Today's Condition(1997)
Invited Exhibition of China Heg-Lyong-Gang Castle(1997)
Korea Fine Art 600 years Exhibition(1999)
Invited Exhibition of China Establishment of Country 50th(1999, CCTV Gallery of China)


Invited Artist of Asia International Art Exhibition
Permanent Director of Korea Culture Art Study Association
Edition Chief of Institute Unio News Paper
The Management member of IL-Won Society
Vice Chairman of Korea Proffesional Art Association
Kyongin Art Grand Exhibition, International Art Grand Exhibition, Korea Culture Art Grand Exhibition Jury Successive