Born in Seoul, Korea 1949
Graduated from Seoul High School of Art & Music 1968
Graduated from Ewha Women's University 1973
Couple Exhibition (Growrich Gallery) 1978
Couple Exhibition (Duck Soo Art Museum) 1981
Couple Exhibition (Shin Se Gye Gallery) 1992
Chae Youn Chon Exhibition (Institute for the Promotion of Art & Literature) 1981~1992
Exposition Art Asiatique (A Enghien-Les-Bains, France) 1987
Invited to the International Exchange Exhibition China-Japan-Korea (Design Center) 1988
Exhibition of Korean Fine Arts Association (The National Museum of Contemporary Art) 1989~1991
Nock Mee Chon (Ewha Women's University) 1990
Oriental Invitation Arts Exhibition (Madrid, Spain) 1991
Asia Invitation Arts Exhibition (Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Arts) 1992
Exhibition of Korean Fine Arts Today (The Art Museum of Seoul Arts Center) 1992


Member of Chae Youn, Yae Woo & Korean Fine Arts Association.
Director of Dong Sun Fine Art Institute